The pedagogical team and administrative staff are delighted to welcome you to EPFC.

Our school is subsidised by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation and is therefore subject to its legal obligations.

1. Name of the company

EPFC asbl
Avenue de l'Astronomie, 19 - 1210 Brussels
VAT: 0435 187 629

2. Scope of application

2.1. General provisions: these regulations apply to all courses organised by EPFC.

2.2. Special provisions: please also refer to the specific regulations for language courses or economic courses which complement the present regulations.

2.3 Updates: the internal regulations are regularly updated. The reference version is the one published on the website

3. Enrolments

3.1. Enrolments are undertaken in proportion to the places available at the time of enrolment. An enrolment is only considered complete and valid if all the conditions of admission have been met, including full payment of the fee.

If, exceptionally, you have been enrolled despite the absence of a document essential to your file, you must provide it within 7 calendar days of enrolment, failing which your enrolment will be cancelled.

3.2. In order to benefit from the exemption from the registration fee required by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, you have 15 days after the start of the course to submit the required documents to the administration.

3.3. Enrolment in a Promotion Sociale education course does not automatically confer a right of residence on foreign students. No reimbursement will be made in the event of a refusal to extend the residence permit. 

3.4. To access the first course, you must present the teacher with the enrolment certificate mentioning the class in which you are enroled. You must also produce this document or the student card (see point 15.1.) for any administrative procedure. 
Only registered students are allowed to attend classes. Unless there is an exceptional exemption, no accompanying person will be accepted.

3.5. You must inform the administration of any change of address.

4. (Re)enrolment by internet

EPFC offers you the possibility, under certain conditions, to enrol or re-enrol for the next course module via the Internet or to repeat the module you have taken. 

All information on payment methods and available courses is provided in class and on the website

There are no additional charges for paying the full price electronically. In addition, in accordance with the law, a right of withdrawal of 14 working days, starting the day after the payment of the registration, is applied. You agree to these rules and to the contents of the registration certificate which will be provided to you by simply entering your electronic signature when you pay for your registration. 

A copy of your certificate of enrolment can be obtained from the EPFC administration.

5. Change of group

A change of group can only be considered for exceptional reasons, duly justified, and must be submitted to the Direction.

6. Attendance

6.1. Attendance in classes: for pedagogical and administrative reasons, attendance in classes is compulsory. Attendance is required in the first class following the day of enrolment. Teachers take attendance at each class. 
For further details, please consult the specific regulations for language courses or economic courses.

6.2. Justification for absence: all absences must be justified by a document showing the absolute impossibility to attend the courses, submitted to the administration of EPFC at the latest on the 7th calendar day counted from the beginning of the absence. All supporting documents are subject to the discretion of the Board of Studies (Management and teacher(s)).

6.3. Proof of attendance: only students who meet the attendance requirement will receive the proof of attendance document or any other document that the institution is entitled to issue.

7. Assessment

All courses in the teaching units and/or sections are subject to compulsory assessment. Please refer to the chapter on this subject in the specific regulations for language courses or economic courses.

8. Family allowances

Promotion Sociale courses allow people under 25 years of age to benefit from family allowances under certain conditions. 

  • If you are enrolled in courses classified as secondary education, you must attend at least 17 periods/week. 
  • If you are enrolled in courses at higher-education level, you must attend at least 13 periods/week. 
  • If you are enrolled in courses at different levels and you do not qualify under the higher education legislation (13 periods), then you must take at least 17 periods/week. 

These conditions must be met for the entire period during which family allowances will be claimed. If your timetable changes during the year, you must ensure that you maintain your timetable by enrolling in additional courses. You must also inform your family allowances agency of any changes in your course of study (enrolment, changes in the course of study, changes in the number of credits, withdrawal from the course).

9. Students support plan

The student support plan is described in detail in the specific regulations for language courses or economic courses. 

However, it should be noted here that :
9.1. Students with special needs may benefit from reasonable special conditions. For this purpose, the student may contact the reference person indicated on the website
9.2. EPFC has set up a Success Support Service to help students and advise them on their learning.
If you would like to take advantage of this service, simply contact

10. People with reduced mobility

Any person who is unable to evacuate the building by their own means is required to register at the reception desk in the entrance hall of the building.

11. Conditions for reimbursement of registration fees

11.1. In the event of withdrawal for professional or health reasons, the amount received will be partially refunded (a total of 30 euros will be retained for administrative costs) if you meet the following two conditions:

  • 11.1.1. send a written request to EPFC (to be handed in at the reception desk in the entrance hall of the building) at the latest before the end of the first week of classes following the start date mentioned on the document "Proof of enrolment and receipt";
  • 11.1.2. to provide original proof (medical certificate or official certificate from an employer) dated and stating that you are definitely unable to attend the course. 

11.2. You will receive a full refund of the amount paid

  • 11.2.1. if you enrolled at the end of the school year for a course starting the following school year and you withdraw from it;
  • 11.2.2. or if you have not obtained a certificate of achievement giving access to the course for which you have registered before the results are published;
  • 11.2.3. or if, at the request of the teacher, you need to change levels and EPFC cannot offer you a new course in the desired time slot.

In the case of 11.2., a refund will only be made if you send a written request to EPFC (to be handed in at the reception desk in the hall of the building) at the latest ten days after the start of the course concerned and in the case of 11.2.3, you must enclose the teacher's request.

12. Discipline

Please refer to the specific regulations for language courses or economic courses.

13. Safety measures

Please follow the instructions - and any additional instructions given by EPFC staff - in case of accident, fire, evacuation and for health reasons. These instructions are posted in the classrooms and shared areas. 

Finally, you will not do anything that could endanger your safety or the safety of others.

14. Building

14.1. EPFC will provide you with a student card. Within the building, you may be asked for this card at any time by any member of EPFC staff. Please ensure that you have it with you. 

14.2. Bicycles and scooters are not allowed inside the building. You can park them in a special room. Please ask for the location and access code at the reception desk at the entrance to the building. The use of this room is the sole responsibility of the user. EPFC therefore declines all responsibility for any damage or theft that may occur in this room.

15. Non-denominational free education

Our school is part of the non-denominational free education network. As such, no form of religious practice is accepted within the building or in the green spaces within the site.

16. General Data Protection Regulations

EPFC undertakes to use the personal data collected at the time of registration for strictly administrative purposes only.

Last update: 20 April 2023