Thank you for your interest in EPFC courses. 

The next registration campaign will begin mid-August 2024.

When to register?

Registration will take place at EPFC, by appointment only.

Appointments are made directly on the website.

More information soon

How to enrol?

The enrolment procedure depends on the course(s) you wish to follow.

For language courses, we first need to assess your level of knowledge of the desired language in order to enrol you in the most suitable language course for you. You will therefore be asked to take an assessment test before you can finalise your registration.

More information soon.

Important note

  • It is not possible to make multiple appointments. Make sure you click on the right link.
  • Appointments are distributed on a first come, first served basis. Therefore, please log on to the EPFC website as soon as possible at the announced appointment time in order to increase your chances of getting a place in the desired course.
  • An appointment is not a promise of registration. Classes for some courses fill up very quickly. We recommend that you make an appointment as soon as possible at the beginning of the enrolment campaign in order to increase your chances of obtaining a place on the desired course.
  • This is not an individual appointment. Several people can make an appointment at the same time. The length of your appointment will depend on the steps you take and those of the students before you.
    The average duration of the process (reception, level test(s), registration, verification, payment) is 2 hours.
    Make sure you arrive on time and choose an appointment time that allows you maximum flexibility.
  • For French and English courses, assessment tests are organised on site. The tests and registration are done on the same day. Please allow between 2 and 3 hours on site.

Your residence permit (passport + student visa are not sufficient to enroll). This document must be valid at least until the 1st/10 of the course.

f you are an EU citizen, your national identity card or passport is enough.

A price reduction will be granted to persons who are unemployed and registered with ACTIRIS, FOREM, VDAB or who receive social benefit.

  • If you are registered with ACTIRIS, FOREM or VDAB, a price reduction will be granted after verification and confirmation of your status on 1st/10 of the course. The refund will be automatic.
    To obtain this discount if you are registered with VDAB, you must provide the proof of registration* and attach it to a request for reimbursement. This proof must have been issued:
    • More information soon
  • To obtain this discount if you receive social benefit or financial assistance equivalent to the social benefit, you must provide a certificate from the CPAS/OCMW and attach it to a request for reimbursement. This document must state that you "are receiving the Social Integration Income since..." and "until now" and must have been issued at the date of the 1st/10 of the course.
    /!\ A student with no income whose spouse or partner is receiving the social benefit at the household rate may also qualify for the exemption if he or she provides a household composition dated less than one month and a document proving that the spouse or partner is receiving the RIS (or financial assistance equivalent to the RIS) at the household rate . This certificate must state that the person "has been receiving the social integration income since..." and "until today". This document must have been issued : see above "If you receive social benefit".

* The document for the VDAB is downloadable from the VDAB personal space "Mijn Loopbaan" by clicking on the tab "Bekijk je inschrijvingsbewijs" - consult your proof/certificate of registration). This document must state that you are "werkloos".

  • French and English: both written and oral skills are tested before the registration.
    • French : written skills test consists of multiple-choice test and write a short text. Both written and oral skills are tested on appointment, at EPFC, the same day. 
    • English : written skills are tested by an online multiple-choice test before the day of the oral skills test. The oral skills are tested on appointment at EPFC before the registration, the same day.
  • Other languages: written skills are tested by a online multiple-choice test before the registration. Oral skills will be evaluated during the first lesson.

In September, regarding language courses, we propose: 

  • 12 hours a week (3x4 hours)
    Courses in the morning OR in the afternoon. No evening courses.
    These courses begin the week of Monday 22 April 2024 and end not later than Sunday 5 July 2024.
  • 6 hours a week (2x3 hours)
    Courses in the morning OR in the afternoon OR in the evening.
  • 3 hours a week (1x3 hours)
    More information soon

Payment by bank card only.

We are located avenue de l'Astronomie, 19 - 1210 Brussels

  • station "Madou" (+/- 2 minutes on foot from EPFC)
    • Metro 2 and 6
    • bus STIB 29, 63, 65, 66, N05
    • bus De Lijn 318, 351, 410
  • station "Quetelet" (+/- 2 minutes on foot from EPFC)
    • bus STIB 61
  • station "Botanique" (+/- 6 minutes on foot from EPFC)
    • tramway STIB 92 ou 93
  • by train: station ;"Bruxelles - Congrès" or "Bruxelles - Central" (+/- 10 minutes on foot from EPFC) or "Bruxelles - Nord" (+/- 15 minutes on foot from EPFC)

There are very few parking opportunities in the neighbourhood. Moreover, there is a charge for parking in this neighborhood.